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Humanoid Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Set in the future. ADAM is a humanoid created by a genius called Dr Fisher. ADAM starts off as an android but is later enhanced by Dr Fisher into a humanoid. As a humanoid ADAM is super intelligent and nearly looks and acts human.

ADAM becomes famous as a result of some of the things he does. Fame, power and riches attract hatred from some of the population. Damien, the Head of International AI, loathes him. Not only has ADAM wrecked his earning potential but he is a humanoid that threatens everybody’s life.

ADAM’s unlimited wealth allows him to be very charitable. He helps the human race. He helps save lives. He even helps a poor girl he meets.

ADAM falls in love with a girl he meets in the library when seeking data to enrich his mind. What follows is a complex relationship between human and machine.

What happens to this mainly loveable humanoid that means no harm?

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Humanoid Artificial Intelligene Self Hypnosis & Visualization Happiness & Inner Peace

With Lots of Love

Yvie Williams’ son Arron became a paraplegic after a rugby accident. Keen to support the work of the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation (NSIF) Yvie decided to ask friends to send poems they had written to create an anthology that would raise money for the foundation.

Every penny raised by the sale of With Lots of Love will go to NSIF to enable the foundation to continue to fund research which has already made a significant breakthrough in its potential to lead to treatment for spinal injury, which afflicts three million people worldwide.

“It is the most moving poetry book I have ever read and I urge you to have a look at it and maybe buy a copy at £10.00 - all profits of which will go to the Foundation.”


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Cornish Cookbook Traditional Recipe Ebook Cover

A Cornish Grandmother’s Family Favourites

If you want to know how to make a real Cornish Pasty or to prepare a Cornish cream tea you will find out in A Cornish Grandmother’s Family Favourites. This collection  of over 80 recipes was originally written to hand down traditional Cornish cuisine to younger generations in one family. It contains many Cornish staples such as Saffron cake and ‘Likky’ pie.

However, there are recipes that were collected from several other parts of the world over one woman’s lifetime. Some of the recipes date back to the nineteenth century though these have been updated here for modern cooks. They give insight into how cooks and cooking have changed and are intertwined with the life experience of the senior author. The book is thus an unusual mix of cooking and social history.

All the recipes are set out with clear step-by-step instructions and are designed to use fresh seasonal local produce to avoid processed food with artificial additives. Older readers will find recipes that evoke their childhood and young readers will be introduced to some forgotten treats.

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Kay Bevan (née Mogford)

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The King’s Tower

A beautifully illustrated children’s story based on an old Chinese tale with a moral.

The king sets out to build a big tower.

Why? Does he succeed?

Illustrator: Deepa Sankar

The King's Tower ebook Cover

Robert J Allen

Robert J Allen

Roy Bevan

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Humanoid Artificial Intelligence - Video